Bouquet Blanc Mock Orange

Bouquet Blanc Mock Orange
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Compact Shrub with Orange Scented Blooms! The Bouquet Blanc Mock Orange, Philadelphus x cymosus ‘Bouquet Blanc’, is a small, very fragrant compact shrub with double, orange-scented, snow white flowers in large crowded clusters. This fountain-like, deciduous shrub with its late spring or early summer flowers is an old fashioned favorite. At home in a shrub border, ‘Bouquet Blanc’ needs ample room for its arching branches. To renew and keep the plants form, remove oldest branches (back to ground) right after plant has finished flowering. It is a reliable and absolutely maintenance-free shrub. It is soil adaptable, hardy, and does best in full sun. * Fragrant, with an orange scent!* Easy to grow* Thrives in the sun .

Cole’s Select Serviceberry

Cole's Select Serviceberry
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4-Season Interest and Tempting Fruit Cole Serviceberry is an ornamental shrub with exceptional features.  Plant one as an accent in the front yard, or a few in the side yard for a naturalized effect. Your Cole Serviceberry features clusters of white flowers, even before the foliage appears.  Leaves begin to sprout in early spring, each leaf featuring a slight reddish/grey tint, and slowly developing as times passes to a dark green.  The green foliage fills the shrub out nicely as blueberry-like fruit develops in summer, referred to as juneberries–a tasty treat for both you and your feathers friends. As autumn approaches, foliage assumes a brilliant orange to decorate your landscape until the leaves fall to reveal smooth grey bark for the winter.  Cole Serviceberry will grow up to 25 feet in height with a 15-foot spread.  It has a multi-stemmed nature and lovely vase shape.  Cole Serviceberry can adapt to a variety of conditions and is even shade and urban tolerant.  Overall, Cole is very hardy, and under optimal conditions will even live up to 40 years.  Cole Serviceberry seems to have it all—a hardy nature, 4-season interest and delicious fruit you can use in jams and jellies (or leave for your wildlife).  It’s easy to see why Serviceberry shrubs have long been appreciated by gardeners…and why Cole Serviceberry is likely to be your favorite new planting this year. * Spring flowers* Summer berries Juneberries* Fall color* Shade tolerant* Adaptive to a variety of soils.