myGroFarm – Deluxe

myGroFarm - Deluxe
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Looking for a way to grow veggies and herbs in limited spaces? Just because you are a city dweller or don’t have a garden plot doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own healthy vegetables and tasty herbs. The self-contained myGroFarm Deluxe packs a lot of produce into a tiny space. This deluxe container garden is also great for anyone who doesn’t want to bend over to garden. You can even garden from a chair or wheelchair. Place the myGroFarm Deluxe on a sunny patio or balcony and presto!—instant garden! Turn any small space into a productive garden and garden year-round indoors or out. The 4 foot x 2.5 foot growing area allows for many configurations of plants. Made from ultra-durable plastic that is completely recyclable. Includes a trellis frame (shown), grow netting, and a zippered cover to protect plants from frost..