Root Feeder Tree Cartridges

Root Feeder Tree Cartridges
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About the Root Feeder Tree Cartridges: The tree cartridges are made up of a 25 10 10 formula. The cartridges are to be used with our Professional Root Feeder. The Evergreen Cartridges are made up of a 10 20 20 formula and are used for evergreens, azaleas, and rhododendrons. The cartridges are to be used with our Professional Root Feeder..

Vacation – 8 oz

Vacation - 8 oz
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Will your houseplants and other potted plants survive when you are not home to water them? They will if you use Vacation all-natural, anti-drought plant treatment. Vacation is perfect for keeping your houseplants, hanging basket plants, container plants and bedding plants hydrated while you are away. Simply mix a small amount of Vacation with water (according to label instructions) and pour the solution onto your plants. Your plants will remain in a state of hibernation for up to two weeks or until normal watering cycles continue. Vacation is an effective tool to protect against drought and plant transplant shock. It’s safe and non-toxic for people and pets. Vacation can be applied to all types of plants—houseplants of all kinds, garden plants, shrubs, bedding plants, trees, flowers and even lawns. Vacation is 100% biodegradable, and it contains no toxic compounds or petrochemical derivatives. Vacation is also great during the holiday season. Mix Vacation according to label instructions to preserve fresh-cut Christmas trees for up to four weeks! This 8 ounce bottle will make up to 3 gallons. Vacation is made in the USA by Natural Industries..